Innovation in Operations: Advancements in Methods, Systems and Processes

Manufacturing operations at Raytheon has an “innovation” focused mindset, realized in the many activities and initiatives, including agile and lean methodologies and factory continuous improvement projects, that result in increased efficiencies, improved quality and reduced costs. These projects and initiatives often depend on the creation and/or application of advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies. Keep Reading


Additive Manufacturing: Stepping into the Future

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a cutting edge technology that creates a physical product by adding material layer … Keep Reading

Augmented Reality: Into the Factory and Beyond

Advanced Visualization Technology (AVT) has come a long way in the past 20 years, fueled by improvements in computer processing, Graphics Processing … Keep Reading

DFMA: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly with Sustainment throughout the Product Lifecycle

Raytheon Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA?) is an integral part of the design process that ensures the manufacturability and affordability of … Keep Reading

Digital Thread Initiative: Unlocking Business Value for Raytheon

Corporations such as Raytheon have accumulated large amounts of non-discoverable knowledge assets such as content files, isolated models and single purpose databases. … Keep Reading

Robotics in the Factory

Robots are changing manufacturing. And at Raytheon, robots are playing a key role in the development, optimization and proliferation of advanced manufacturing … Keep Reading

Sustainability in Raytheon Factories and Buildings

Raytheon’s sustainability program aligns employees, customers, suppliers and communities around a single goal — to engineer a sustainable future through environmental stewardship … Keep Reading


Technology Today?spoke with Operations Council members about today’s evolution in manufacturing and how advanced manufacturing technologies, innovation and collaboration combine to meet … Keep Reading


New mirror technologies to support Raytheon’s advanced electro-optical and infrared systems … Keep Reading


Glassblowing is in the genes for Konrad Gleissner … Keep Reading

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